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About Us

About The Author Stephanie Enser

Thank you for your interest in Pepper The Parrotfish and The Great Animal Trait Series.  Just like Pepper’s story, I believe each one of us has a unique gift meant to be shared for the betterment of all. My belief in how we are all interconnected, coupled with my passion for animals and storytelling, helped me realize how to share my unique gift. I hope this story inspires others to do the same.

About The Great Animal Trait LLC

The Great Animal Trait LLC offers a series of children's books designed for all story time participants to have fun and learn.  Each adventure-filled story features a lovable character who reveals a unique animal fact.  Our stories educate while encouraging children to share what makes them special.  

Pepper The Parrotfish is our first book of the Great Animal Trait series.  Be on the lookout for more delightful stories featuring an adorable character who shares their Great Animal Trait.

About Pepper's Donation To CORAL

CORAL, Coral Reef Alliance, is a top rated non profit on Charity Navigator that unites communities to save coral reefs. 

They have a number of conservation programs around the world to address threats to coral reefs including overfishing and water quality.  CORAL's top initiatives are: Healthy Fisheries for Reefs, Clean Water for Reefs, Intact Reef Ecosystems and Science of Adaptation.

Learn more about CORAL.  

While Great Animal Trait LLC is proud to support the work of the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL), it is not directly affiliated with the nonprofit or any of their programs, projects or website.